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  Style and Tone  
Article marketing should be part of every site’s overall Internet marketing plan.  You want to make sure that if you devote resources to article marketing that you do it right.  The style and tone of your articles is important and should not be overlooked.

First and foremost make sure your articles are conversational in tone.  A conversational tone puts people at ease and makes them feel more comfortable.  This is important since you want to establish trust in the article.

You want to make sure your sentences are short and clear.  Paragraphs should generally be four sentences or fewer.  Your vocabulary should be at a 7th or 8th grade reading level unless your target market requires otherwise.

Let the Skimming Commence

Most people skim articles.  Knowing this should help you write more effective articles.  Basically you want to break your article up into sections and get the most important points out first.

Use sub-titles that make it clear what each section is about and use the first one or two sentences to relay the most important information.

Using Slang in Articles

For the most part you should avoid using slang in your articles.  There is a time and place for slang and generally speaking article marketing is not the time or place for it.  Proper English is important since the articles represent you and your business.

Using Foreign-Based Writers

The global marketplace has made it easy for website owners to find overseas writers for article marketing.  Though the price is usually right, the quality is usually not.  Consumers are immediately turned off by poorly written articles.

There is no disputing the fact that there are some very talented writers overseas.  However, the large majority of overseas writers choose words that are not natural for native-speakers.  This makes there articles easy to spot and can harm more than enhance your reputation.

Humor in Article Marketing

The use of humor in article writing can be quite effective.  You do not have to be a comedian or comedienne to use humor but you should make sure that your attempt at humor hits the mark.  Ask friends and family for an honest assessment of your attempt at humor.

If used properly humor can help your readers identify with you and give greater impact to your article.  Remember one of the goals of article marketing is to establish a rapport with your readers to help improve consumer confidence.

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