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Link building is an important consideration for all website owners and marketers.  Effective link building can have a dramatic impact on the volume and quality of your website traffic.  Article marketing is generally recognized as the most cost-effective way to engage in link building for a website.

Why Link Building is Important

Link building is important for a number of reasons.  First and foremost links into your website improve your website’s rankings in the search engines.  Every search engine must determine which websites appear in the search results and which do not.

Search engines use a complex mathematical formula to determine which websites appear in search results and they order they appear in.  A large factor in the formula is the number of other websites that include a link to the website being evaluated.

In addition to helping improve your site’s score in the mathematical formulas, link building also instantly creates new traffic streams for your website.  Since every article you distribute will have a link to your website in it, every time it is posted on someone else’s site you have a potential traffic source.

Why Article Marketing is Cost Effective

Building links can be a very laborious process.  In fact, it is the biggest expense many sites incur.

The most common ways to build links include:

* Article marketing
* Directory submissions
* Link requests
* Press release distribution

Directory submissions are fairly easy to do but it does take time to research and find online directories where you can submit your site for consideration.  The directories are only valuable if they are focused on the same topic as your website is focused on.

Link requests are a manual process that takes considerable effort. You need to identify potential sites to request a link from then contact the site owner to request they add a link to your website.  The return rate is quite small.

Press release distribution is effective but expensive.  The press release distribution services charge a considerable amount of money for every release you distribute.  Most of the free distribution services do not allow a link to your site.

Article marketing is very cost effective. If you are writing the articles yourself the only cost associated with this form of link building is the time it takes you to write an article and distribute it.  Even if you have to hire a writer to create the articles it is still very cost-effective since article marketing virtually assures corresponding links to your site.

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