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  First Person Articles  
Articles written in the first person seem to intimidate some website owners.  There is a misconception that first person articles are inappropriate or ineffective.  First person articles can be highly effective.

The First Person Article

First person articles written by someone who has direct experience with a product or service is an effective way to engage in article marketing.  Though some site owners think this style of writing is best left for short testimonials, you should add this style to your article marketing strategy.

Consumers have many options in terms of products and services as well as the source of those products and services.  Typically they are looking for a reason to choose one over another.  The ability to identify with someone in the same position as them can help lead them to choose your business.

Identifying with the Author

A consumer that identifies with the author of an article will feel more confident about what they are reading.  There is a greater connection between a writer and his or her audience when the reader identifies with what is being said.

First person articles are written exactly for this purpose.  Their focus should be to share an experience that readers can identify with.  If they have shared a similar experience they will be more likely to trust the recommendations made in the article.

The Genuineness Factor

Articles must be genuine.  Though very good writers are able to take on the voice of different people and write in the first-person, most people are unable to do this effectively.  Articles written in the first person must come across as genuine or you will hurt rather than help your marketing efforts.

The biggest mistake writers make when writing in the first person is that they go overboard or choose terms that only the company would use to describe their own products or services.  If you are writing in the first person make sure you do not fall into these traps.

Bottom Line about First Person Articles

The bottom line is first person articles can be highly effective if they are done properly.  For the most part you should shy away from this type of writing unless you are or hire an excellent writer who can write in this style and appear genuine to your target market.

Assuming you are able to write in a genuine manner first person articles are the most effective type of article marketing.

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