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  Article Marketing and SEO  
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) includes a series of tools and practices that focus on improving your website’s ranking in search engines.  Basically every search engine uses a complicated mathematical formula to determine which websites appear in search results.

One of the key components of SEO is the number and quality of links from other websites to your website.

Incoming Links

Incoming links are an essential component of any search engine optimization campaign.  The more links you have pointing to your website the better your rankings will be.  Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other search engines view a link into your website like a “vote” by another website.  The more “votes” you have the better your site is presumed to be.

Getting incoming links can be a difficult and costly undertaking.  Article marketing is seen as the most cost effective and efficient way to obtain links to your site.

Every site that posts your article will be posting a link to your website (usually in the author bio that accompanies an article).  This means one article can bring in many links to your website.

Article Content and SEO

The value of a link into your site is measured in large part by the content on the page the link appears.  Search engines determine what a webpage is about based on the content of the page and the coding on the page.  Since articles will naturally use keywords and phrases that make the topic obvious they are by nature helpful for SEO purposes.

Effective article marketing for SEO purposes takes some effort.  You want to first identify the keywords your optimization efforts are focused on.  This list of keywords will become an integral part of your overall article marketing strategy.

Your SEO Article Marketing Strategy

Once you have identified your list of target keywords you want to start putting together your overall article marketing strategy.

The most effective strategy would be to focus each article on only one keyword you are targeting.  The keyword should appear in the title of the article, as well as in the body of it.  A good rule of thumb is to use the keyword in the title, the first sentence and maybe once or twice more in a 400 word article.
Ideally the first words and last words of your article include the keyword you are focused on.  If you write all of your articles this way you will help your SEO campaign immensely.  

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