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  Article Marketing Mistakes  
Internet marketing initiatives can help transform your business.  Article marketing is considered one of the best forms of Internet marketing for many reasons.  

Some of the reasons article marketing is effective are:

* Article marketing provides valuable links into your website
* Well-written articles will enhance consumer confidence
* Articles have a long shelf-life

If you are going to engage in article marketing you want to keep in mind why it is effective and that can help you avoid some of the more common mistakes.

Article Marketing Mistake #1: Not Including Links

Too many website owners attempting to engage in article marketing fail to include a link to their website in the body or the author bio of the article.  You can write the best article in the history of man and get absolutely no value out of it if you fail to have links from the article to your site.

You need to pay careful attention about how to include a link in the article.  Each article distribution site may have slightly different rules.  A non-working link has minimal value.  The real value in article marketing is when you have working links in your article.  A working link is one you can click on and go immediately to your site.

Article Marketing Mistake #2: Garbage In, Garbage Out

A poorly written article will reflect poorly on your business.  If you are going to distribute articles that are associated with your business you want to make sure they are well written.
Consumers are quickly turned off by websites and articles that are poorly written.  Since most SPAM and online scams are done by non-native English speakers people are starting to associate poor writing with a scam.

You may be a great business person and an honest one too.  If you have poorly written content and articles you may be losing credibility before someone even has the chance to speak with you.  Quality counts!

Article Marketing Mistake #3: Dating Your Articles

Though some industries require your articles to include information that will have a short shelf life you should try to focus your article marketing campaign on topics that have a long shelf life or are timeless.

Make sure your articles include the date it was written so consumers understand why some of your information may seem out of date.  If you fail to do this people may think you are behind the times and you will lose credibility.

Keep these three common mistakes in mind and you should be able to engage in some successful article marketing.

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