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Article marketing, it is widely accepted, is one of the most highly effective methods for promoting products and services on the internet. In fact, marketing experts consider article marketing to be an essential element of any good online marketing strategy.

To summarize it in a few words, article marketing mainly boils down to the distribution of articles intending to inform and entertain people surfing the web. Articles distributed in this way generally - at least they should! - include a link back to the website you wish to promote (usually in the author bio section of the article).

Why Article Marketing

Bringing traffic to the site is one of the key goals of anyone who owns a website.  As it happens, article marketing is an effective way to add multiple sources of traffic. For one thing, the distribution of articles is a form of viral marketing.  Once you have placed your articles on the distribution sites other website owners will post some of those articles on their websites in order to add fresh content to their sites.

Why would they do that? Well, fresh content is something every website owner needs to focus on - both for their readers and for the search engines. The ability to make use of articles written by other authors gives website owners unlimited access to relevant content they can add to their site. 
The result: every time your article appears on someone else’s website - YOU have a potential new source of traffic.

Many experts consider article marketing to be THE most effective form of internet marketing with regard to adding additional traffic sources and increasing consumer confidence in a website.

Article Marketing – Who should use it?

Article marketing is something every website owner should consider.  If you do not consider yourself a very good writer you can pay a content writing service to look after your article marketing in your behalf.  Using a professional content writing service is a very cost effective way of engaging in article marketing.

Websites offering products and services are prime candidates for article marketing.  Articles can cover the kinds of problems and issues your products or services are designed to solve. Consumers searching for information about a relevant issue or problem may find the article that also mentions possible solutions. The link at the bottom of your article gives them the ability to find your site.

Article Marketing – How Often do I Distribute Articles?

It is ideal if you can distribute fresh articles as often as possible. The more content on the internet that contains links to your website, the more likely it is that your site will succeed. Article marketing therefore offers a very high return on investment.  The nature of the worldwide web means the impact of those articles is indefinite.

If you are developing an internet marketing plan you will definitely want to make sure your planning includes article marketing.

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