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Raising Kids And Running An eBay Store

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Get Started As An eBay Seller


Getting started as an eBay seller is simple and quick. Follow these easy steps to get started with your eBay home business:

Register Your Username

When you are ready to take the plunge into your own eBay home business, head over to eBay.com and register your username. Before you pick your name, however, remember to stay away from a common username that you use on other websites and forums. Buyers could potentially find other things youíve posted on the internet, and chances are, thereís something out there you donít want others to see. Instead, pick a username that matches or expresses the business you want to get started. For instance, if youíre planning on selling off your used childrenís clothing, a username such as Bitty-Baby-Preloved-Clothing may do the trick. Donít worry if you change your business inventory or your mind later on - eBay allows you to change your username whenever you want, as many times as you want, without losing your feedback rating or reputation.

Sign Up As A Seller

Once your username is registered, youíll need to set up your selling account with eBay. Simply click on the selling tab on eBayís website, and youíll be prompted to fill in information such as your mailing address for your business, and your PayPal information. You may also be required to plug in a bank account or credit card number. This isnít so eBay can charge you for signing up; eBay has a listing fee and a final value fee on all auctions for sellers, so your eBay fees every month will be charged to your bank account or credit card, unless you specify otherwise. Regardless, this information needs to be on file.

Prepare Your Items

Get together the items you plan on listing. Make sure that if theyíre brand new, everything that should be with the item is with it. If itís a used item, take note of anything that is missing, and clean the item thoroughly to the best of your ability. Once youíve finished, take photographs of your items with a digital camera. Upload the pictures, and create descriptions for each one. These should be as detailed as humanly possible, listing every single defect the item may have, including missing parts, broken pieces, stains, discolorations, and anything else. Add in if the item comes from a home with smokers or pets to alert your buyers with allergies.

List Your Auctions

Once the photographs and the descriptions are ready to go, itís time to set up your auctions. Under the selling tab, you will see an option for listing a new auction. Fill in the keywords for your auction, and the next page will give you the chance to fill in the description, add photographs, a title, and the starting price for the auction. When this is all filled out, submit the auction to get it listed on eBay.

Thatís it! Youíve officially listed your first auction on eBay. Now, all thatís left to do is watch the bids come in. When your auction is over, and youíve collected the money, remember to ship the item out as soon as possible, and leave feedback for your buyer. Then, rinse and repeat, and enjoy your new home business on eBay!

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