Time For A Dedicated Server

If you have been in business awhile on the internet and have seen your business growing by leaps and bounds, perhaps it is time for you to invest in a dedicated server. What is a dedicated server? As the name states, it is a server that will host your website and your website alone. A dedicated server is the ultimate choice in a web hosting for a growing business. If you have a growing business, it is perhaps time for a dedicated server.

When you began your online website business, you most likely used a shared server to host your website. A shared server makes more sense when beginning a business because the cost of a shared server is substantially less than a dedicated server.

A shared server is an ideal way to start your business on the internet. But if you are like most business owners, you want to grow your business. If you are finding that customers are having increasingly difficulty in accessing your website and you would like to have more space, you may decide that it is tie for a dedicated server.

Although it costs substantially more per month to maintain a dedicated server, in the long run, it may end up saving you money when it comes to the added benefits. More space can allow you to expand your forums and also give you shopping carts on your site. Most businesses that sell product on the internet find it useful to have a database, such as a shopping cart. This enables a customer to choose some items that they want to buy, go away from the website for a while, return and still see the items in their cart. Marketing studies show that a customer who returns to the website will often change their mind about buying things they wanted unless they are still lingering in their shopping carts.

In addition to the added space, you can also get more bandwidth when you have a dedicated server. The bandwidth amount is what enables the server to direct customers to your website. When sharing bandwidth with other websites, you run the risk of losing potential customers because they are not able to get through the clogged server to your website. The customer will assume the website is out of business and will rarely try again. In these cases, you lose a customer.

This is why it may be time for a dedicated server. If your business is growing by leaps and bounds, you do not want to wait until you begin losing customers before you take action. A dedicated server may cost a bit more money per month and may even have start up costs, but the initial investment will more than pay for itself. The dedicated server will be devoted entirely to your business. It is almost like hosting your own website.

Depending upon what type of service, bandwidth and space you are seeking on your new server that will accommodate your website, you can find either a budget dedicated server or one that is more top of the line and offers additional services.



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