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Raising Kids And Running An eBay Store


New mothers who choose to stay home with their children may find themselves getting bored during the downtime in their day. While working outside the home isnít an option for women who want to spend time with their kids, there is another solution - working from home. Many stay at home mothers are starting new jobs from the comfort of their computer chair, and bringing in extra cash when the kids are taking a nap.

The problem with a lot of work at home jobs is that they are incredibly demanding for not a lot of pay. Some women may find themselves required to log up to 10 hours of a work a day, and still get paid less than minimum wage for hour. Not only is that incredibly demeaning, itís not financially smart and it defeats the purposes of staying home to raise your children.

Instead, many stay at home moms are turning to eBay to start their own home business. Running your own eBay store offers stay at home mothers a chance to work for themselves, make as much money as they want, and only work when they feel like it. You donít need to worry about reporting to your boss, and you can work any time of day, and day of the week - whenever you have the time.

Starting an eBay store lets you stay as flexible as you need to, so you can enjoy all of your time with your family. Itís also a great way to sell others items that you are passionate about, like your favorite line of cosmetic, or even something youíve created yourself. What could be more fun than selling something you love in your spare time, and getting paid well to do it?

Running your own eBay store does take some work, especially in the beginning. You have to find the items you want to sell, list the items for auction, ship them out when they are sold, and handle customer questions and complaints. But with your eBay store, you can do these things whenever you want to. Set aside some time in the evening to answer e-mails, and dedicated just one day a week to shipping out items and listing new ones for sale.

Some stay at home mothers report that they are not only able to match their own income from when they worked outside the home, they actually make far more than they ever thought possible. Some fathers are quitting their jobs outside to home to stay home and help with the eBay store, giving both parents the opportunity to stay home with their children, and still support their family financially.

Running an eBay store can be a fun family adventure for everyone, and still gives you plenty of time to spend with your children. You no longer have to choose between bringing home a paycheck and watching your childís first steps - you can do them both, right from the comfort of your own home.

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