The Must Know List Of Job Positions In The Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry involves a vast array of expertise. It is not limited to the four corners of hotels and restaurants. This industry is the type that you can find almost everywhere you go. It involves various people working in different positions and has varying responsibilities too.

It is really difficult for you to know all the positions in the field. Hence, here is the must know list of job positions in the hospitality industry.

Food Oriented Positions

One main category of jobs in this industry would be food oriented ones. These positions basically involve responsibilities dealing with and creating food in the kitchen. It would also involve other aspects such as serving food and making sure they are of good quality. Some of the job positions are, but not limited to:

1. Waiters and Waitresses
2. Banquet Servers
3. Cocktail Servers
4. Food And Beverage Servers
5. Room Service Servers/ Waiters
6. Car Hops
7. Deli Clerks/Delicatessen Clerks
8. Deli Managers
9. Dietary Aides
10. Drive Thru Window Order Taker
11. Prep Cook
12. Line Chefs
13. Executive Chefs
14. Back Line Cook
15. Banquet Cooks
16. Fry/Grill Cook
17. Pastry Bakers Saucier
18. Dish Washers
19. Bartenders
20. Cafe Baristas

Accommodation Oriented Positions

There are also positions that are accommodation oriented. Thus, the main responsibility you would have here is to make sure that the guests are enjoying their stay in whatever facility you are working for, whether it be a hotel, resort or a restaurant. Some of the job positions are, but not limited to:

1. Dining Room Supervisors
2. Greeters
3. Hospitality Coordinators
4. Hostess
5. Hotel Managers
6. Hotel General Managers
7. Supervisors
8. Bell Hops
9. Luggage Carriers
10. Hotel Receptionists and Concierge

Cleaning And Maintenance Oriented Positions

You can also opt for positions that involve cleaning and maintenance of the facility. If you’ll be getting a position like this, your responsibility is to check whether the environment assigned to you is clean; not only that, but clean to the point that it would pass the general requirements and standard set by your company. You would not only check, but you would also maintain this cleanliness.

For those involving maintenance, you would have to take care of the machines and other facilities found in your working place. You would do repairs whenever they are broken. Here are some of the positions with this kind of orientation:

1. Housekeeping Cleaners
2. Maids
3. Chamber Maids
4. Building Maintenance
5. Building Mechanic
6. Equipment Engineering Technician
7. General Maintenance Technician
8. Maintenance Electrician
9. Maintenance Engineer
10. Maintenance Mechanic
11. Process Technician
12. Maintenance Supervisor

Travel Oriented Positions

There are also travel oriented positions that you can choose from. Here, travelling would be part of your job. You might work for a cruise ship, airline or a land touring company. Most of the time, you would be on tours. Thus, you are going to be away from home for a couple of days or even weeks. Jobs like these are usually inclusive of lodging and food allowances. Here are some of the positions that has this kind of orientation:

1. Transportation Ticket Agents
2. Reservation Agents
3. Travel Clerks
4. Tour Guides
5. Escorts
6. Museum Guides
7. Land-Tour Guides
8. Docents
9. Flight Attendants
10. Other food/ accommodation/ cleaning/ maintenance oriented positions that are based on cruise ships and airlines


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