Future Jobs For Hospitality Students

If youíll be observing career recommendations for high school students, youíll see that most of them recommend students to take up hospitality career. A lot of students have had considered this choice in the past years and most of them are now studying different courses related to the field. However, a lot of people still do not know what exactly the future jobs are for hospitality students.

If you are one of those who are clueless with this subject at hand, hereís an overview of the possible job positions that students in this kind of field could have in the near future.

Hotels And Resorts

The number one environment that people would think about when they hear you are a student of this kind of course would be hotels and resorts. They are correct for thinking that way. However, your possible working environment is not limited to these two. Studying hospitality could bring you places, literally.

But in the case of hotels and resorts, there are also a number of positions that a hospitality student can have. For instance, you can be a receptionist, room service personnel, desk clerk, usher, lobby attendant, baggage porter, or a bellhop. With some experience you could be a lodging manager, operations manager or a hotel general manager. These are just jobs related to the lodging portion of the hotel.

Recreational positions are available too. You can be a lifeguard or skipatrol. You can also be an activities personnel, activities planner, recreational assistant, recreation therapist, gaming supervisor, spa attendant and a lot more!


Although being hospitable is not outright associated to places such as Casinos, these are actually one of the biggest industries that are in need for workers. Positions would usually include being a gaming dealer, gaming manager, bartender, pit boss, gaming host, blackjack dealer, or any other table games dealer.

Restaurants found inside casinos would also need chefs and waiting services to attend to the hungry gamblers waiting to be served.


You can also take part in any kind of social event. Positions like events planner and meeting planner are also viable. Here, your main job would be to organize whatever event it is that you are working on. Wedding planners also fall into this kind of category. You provide the program according to your clientís demands. You also make sure that everything goes smoothly during the event itself.


Since hospitality and tourism are closely related, airlines also hire students from this field of study. You can be a flight attendant, flight stewardess, travel and tours organizer, ticket taker, usher, or lobby attendant.

Cruise Ships

Another place that you can work in would be cruise ships. Just like in other places you can be a ticket taker, usher, bellhop, receptionist, attendant, recreations manager, executive chef, chef, room service personnel, events manager, baggage porter, general manager, housekeeping personnel, housekeeping manager, janitor/janitress, gaming host, waiter, food and beverage director, gaming dealer, bartender, lodging manager and a lot more. Positions are basically the same; itís just that you all these jobs in a cruise ship.


You can also work in places such as museums or other establishments in which guides are needed. Positions would include: Docent, Historical Interpreter, Discovery Guide, Interpreter, Guide, Museum Docent, Science Interpreter, Museum Guide, Tour Guide or Museum Educator.


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